Rander & Asterisk

Is possible an integration?

Often our customers ask me does Rander work with Asterisk? My answer was: "You should find some good TSP driver and test it". Because I'm still didn't get somewhat information about good practics, I did it myself."

Below are my results.

Source configuration: FreePBX Ver. (Asterisk Ver.11.7.0), Rander Ver.5.0. and xtelsio TAPI for Asterisk Ver.1.1.086.

Installation order:

  • Insert the password and login in configurations file Asterisk manager.conf.

  • Install TSP driver Xtelsio TAPI for Asterisk http://www.xtelsio.com/en/products/ast_tsp/tapi_for_asterisk.htm.

  • Setup TSP driver for connecting to Asterisk by this password and login.

  • Check connecting for TSP driver to Asterisk and start the TAPI line scanning. If TSP driver connected to Asterisk well, you can see every line of Asterisk.

  • Install Rander 5.0, select PBX Type - Other.

  • Check what PBX type number was set in the server.ini file in folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Rander\Server. It must be stationtype=0.

  • Close server.ini and restart PC.

  • Start Rander Client and see green indicators of Server, Cantants and Callog. PBX indicator is red. It means Rander still connecting to Asterisk.

  • Open menu Tools\Server state and see message. If "Initialization comleted suc..." OK and wait for PBX indicatoe will be green.

  • Open menu Options\Application settings\lines and see Asterisk lines.

Installing well done.

You can use follow features for Rander\Xtelsio\Asterisk:

  • Dial number.

  • One touch dial number.

  • Drop conversation.

  • Caller ID Name for incomong call.

  • Hold\Unhold.

  • Call transfer.

  • Online status indications iddle, busy, dialed.

  • Online indications for online console.

  • Using this features via RanCOM Plus.

Main results.

  • An integration of Rander and Asterisk is possible.

  • The number of features is depend from kind of TSP drivers what we use. Xtelsio TAPI for Asterisk is good!

Additional results.

We can use Asterisk with any Windows application by using COM+ technology and RanCOM PLUS.

Andrey Rabchewskiy. 08/08/2014.