RanCOM SDK for a developer of CTI applications

  1. Introduction
  2. Call center based on RanCOM
  3. Use and licensing
  4. RanCOM functions
  5. Typical tasks
    1. RanCOM for a subscriber
    2. RanCOM for a PBX
      1. Automating incoming/outgoing calls for a group of operators
      2. Routing incoming calls by CallerID
      3. Interactive voice menu
      4. Control over the status of external lines and internal PBX subscribers
  6. Products based on RanCOM


RanCOM is a COM module you can use to connect to the Rander server from any external programs in order to use its features. The features of RanCOM allow you to solve tasks assigned to a call center taking into account the peculiarities of your particular call center. Thus, you can use RanCOM to flexibly integrate telephony into your own CRM and ERP systems, call centers and other informational systems of your enterprise.

Call center based on RanCOM

It is possible to enumerate typical computer telephony integration tasks in the development of call centers that can be solved with RanCOM. These include:

  1. Getting information about an incoming call by the operator's computer
  2. Automatically dialing a number
  3. Controlling the distribution of incoming calls in real time (routing by CallerID and other criteria)
  4. Monitoring PBX lines in real time
  5. Building IVR systems (automated interactive menu systems, autosecretaries)

Use and licensing

All methods in the RanCOM module are executed for this or that PBX line. Several RanCOMs can be connected to the Rander server simultaneously (the number of RanCOMs simultaneously connected to the Rander server is licensed). Also, one RanCOM can simultaneously control several lines (the total number of lines controlled by RanCOMs is licensed).

Theoretically, there are two variants of integrating your applications with RanCOM. These include:

  1. Using RanCOM to control the line of a certain internal subscriber - RanCOM for a subscriber
  2. Using RanCOM to control a PBX as a whole - RanCOM for a PBX
The variants differ in the number and type of lines RanCOM controls. Consequently, the structure of your client applications will differ in case of different integration variants. The image below shows the logical scheme of a software complex based on RanCOM with both integration variants.

If RanCOM is not registered, the Rander server will allow a connection with one RanCOM only and open 5 lines for 30 minutes. If you restart your application, you will get extra 30 minutes and so on.

To determine the number of RanCOM modules and lines for them that you need to buy, you should realize what RanCOM methods you want to use and correspondingly what PBX lines will be used in this case. The Typical tasks sections shows sample solutions for the most common computer telephony tasks that can be solved with RanCOM. These examples will help you understand what RanCOM configuration you need to solve your task. Also, you can try RanCOM yourself or consult an expert.

RanCOM functions

You can use RanCOM in your informational networks to:

  1. Get notifications about a broken or established connection of RanCOM with the PBX, server
  2. Dial any number on behalf of any internal line.
  3. Hang up, hold/retrieve from hold any call on any internal line, answer an incoming call, forward a call to another subscriber
  4. Get notifications about calls on any line
  5. Get information about all calls active for any line
  6. Get information about any call (calling subscriber, external line, etc.) for any line
  7. Forward an incoming call to another line
  8. Set the CTI distribution mode for the incoming call distribution group (computer control)
  9. Play OGM messages for the specified call (the DISA card is required), music on hold, busy, silence and ready signals, signals of various tones
  10. Get information about numbers dialed in the tone mode during the call (the DISA card is required if the calling subscriber is external)
  11. Change the class of service for any line
  12. Set reminders for any internal line
  13. Control the message waiting function

Typical tasks

Below you can see a brief description of how to solve the most common tasks that can be solved with RanCOM in case of both integration variants (for a subscribe and a PBX).

Products based on RanСom

In the Rander product family there are programs that work via the RanCOM module. These include:

  1. Rander Outlook Addin
  2. External component for integrating telephony into "1C:Enterprise 7.7" products
For them to run, you will have to purchase the corresponding number of RanCOM modules in addition to these programs.