CTI-application “Rander” tests PABX Panasonic KX-TDE600

In 2009 Panasonic company is preparing to introduce a new IP-PABX Panasonic KX-TDE600 to Russia’s market. To ensure the reliability of PABX it was necessary for experts of the company to perform numerous equipment tests for compliance with different parameters. Methods of testing communications equipment require a multiple connection and disconnection. In particular, it’s necessary to perform at least 4 thousand calls to test the capacity of SMDR. The implementation of this method obviously will require a lot of time and human resources. To solve this problem specialists of Panasonic company used the program, which was specially developed by RANAT Ltd. company for that purpose. This program is created on the basis of Rander CTI-application and the RanCOM integration module.

Using these components and specialized software module, for the tests it was simply necessary to enter the dialed number and the number of the established connections. Then the system automatically performed all the human work. During the test run the system shows the number of established connections. The program was highly praised by specialists of the Panasonic company.

Beyond the words of gratitude the work of the RANAT Ltd. company was fully paid from the funds of Panasonic.

Andrey Rabchevskiy, director of the RANAT Ltd. company: “The fact of the successful use of our Rander CTI software by the Panasonic company is very important for us. It’s a great honor for us! We have been working with the Panasonic for 16 years, but it’s the first time when we were able to provide possible assistance to our partner. If the results of our work bring benefits to the Panasonic company, and all its clients, - it is all because of the knowledge and skills that we acquired in the course of this fruitful cooperation”.

The use of this program is also possible in many other cases, for example, when you need to organize a burden on the PABX to test it throughput or for MTBF (More time between failures", when it’s necessary to install not thousands, but millions of telephone connections.

“KPP RANAT” Ltd., 2009