Rander prices

Rander Server*.

One Rander Server Plus license costs $349.95
Rander Server Plus consist of Rander Server, Rander Reports, Rander Records, Rander SMDR and one Rander Client.

Rander CTI client access license

For example if you want 50 client licenses the price will be $349.95+49*$13.99=$1035.46
If you want 51 client licenses the price will be $349.95+50*$11.99=$949.45

When upgrading from Rander 1 to latest Rander you get new server license for free and client licenses with 50% discount.

RanCOM CTI Plus client access license.

Additional lines for RanCOM CTI Plus.

If you want to control more than one line you must buy additional licences for RanCOM lines

If you use RanCOM in Rander 2.0 - 3.3, then for updating to latest version you should reregister Rander server and replace Rander Clients licenses to RanCOM licenses. We provide free reregistration one time. For example you used Rander 3.1 server with 15 client connections for connection 10 Rander client and 5 RanCOM connection. For updating you should ask us to generate new license key for 10 Rander clients and 5 RanCOM with 5 lines.

* If you change your server (or maybe some hardware on it) you will lose your registration. In this case you can ask us for additional activation key. We'll give you additional key for free, no more than 2 keys.