Rander Outlook Addin

Rander Outlook Addin is a Microsoft Outlook addin that connects to Rander server and allows you to use some of it's functionality directly from Outlook interface. You can dial any number from Outlook, you can dial your contacts automatically. When incoming call arrives a popup appears with CallerId and caller name from Outlook contacts.

You can install ROA from Rander distribution. ROA requires Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0, you can download it for free from Microsoft. ROA requires RanCOM, you can also install it from Rander distribution.

After first starting Outlook with ROA installed settings window will be displayed. You should specify Rander server address here, username and password, your extension number.

A new toolbar button Dial will appear after loading ROA, you can dial any number using it. The button is enabled only when server and PBX connections are established. You can see your last incoming and outgoing phones in the dial dialog, you can redial any of them. In the contacts context menu a new item is added – Dial using Rander, is dials selected contact automatically. When incoming call arrives a popup appears with the CallerId displayed. ROA searches for the CallerId number in your Outlook contacts and displays the matching record on the popup window. You can open the contact dialog with left click over the contact name on the popup. ROA will be able to find contacts by the CallerId information only if you store all the phones in the dialable form in your contacts. You can answer the call or drop the call with the buttons on the popup. If multiple calls arrive simultaneously multiple popups will appear, you can choose which one to answer. (You can choose only for external calls, for internal calls the call that arrives first must be answered first). ROA settings dialog is accessible via Service – Rander Settings menu item.

Rander Outlook Addin

ROA requires additional ROA license. Without this license server will accept only one ROA connection and ROA will work for only 30 minutes.