Rander CTI Software Support Agreement (public offer)

Perm, Russia 01.12.2010.

Limited liability company “KPP Ranat” represented by director general acting on the Regulations ground Andrey Rabchevsky hereinafter referred to as “the Executor” offers to purchase the technical support of “Rander CTI Suite” program product to juridical persons and individual entrepreneurs hereinafter referred to as “the Customer”, and assumes a commitment according to terms and conditions of this Contract

1. Object of this Contract

1.1. The Customer shall order and the Executor shall undertake to provide services in respect of technical support of the “Rander CTI Suite” program product (hereinafter referred to as the Program Product). The services are provided on the ground of 100 (one hundred) percent prepayment from the Customer.

2.Terms and conditions of service

2.1. The services of the Customer technical support are provided in question-answer manner via electronic mail(support@ranat.ru) or via the Ticket System on Customer site (http://randersoft.com/support/)) or via Remote Desktop or TeamViewer.

2.2. The period of the Executor reaction to the query of technical support is one working day.

2.3. The amount of the queries must not surpass 10 (ten) per month.

2.4. The longest period of problem solving is not more than 10 (ten) working days. If during that period it is impossible to solve the problem, the problem is considered as unsolvable and the query is not counted into the monthly limit.

2.5. If Customer need more then 3 activation keys for Rander CTI Server Customer can get additional activation keys but no more than 1(one) additional key for every 3(three) months of Support Agreement period.

3. Cost of service and procedure for payment

3.1. The cost of technical support service is:

3.2. If the Customer is not asked for technical support during the term of the Software Support Agreement, no refund is given in this case and payment is not transferred to the next period.

3.3. The Customer payment for the delivering of the Service billed by the Executor means the acceptance of the Contract offer. The date when money received on Executors account or cash register is considered the payment date.

3.4. The acceptance of the Contract offer is full and unconditional. The acceptance of the Contract offer means consent to receive the Service on the terms and conditions of this Contract and billed invoice.

4. Responsibilities of the parties

4.1. For violation or improper execution of Contract obligations the parties respond according to the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

4.2. Arguments and conflicts that can not be settled by mutual agreement are settled in the Arbitration tribunal of Perm region according to the order established by the legislation of Russian Federation.

5. Validity period and special conditions

5.1. This Contract comes into effect from the acceptance moment and expires at the end of subscription period.

5.2. The Customer has a right to decline the services provided by the Executor according to p. 1.1 of this Contract before the end of the period of Contract. The Customer must notify the Executor of such declination not less than for 30 (thirty) days in advance. The written notice of the service declination doesn’t discharge the Customer from the payment obligation for the service provided by the Executor to the moment of the service providence termination.

Address and bank information of the executor

Limited liability company “KPP Ranat”

Address (legal): 614000, 8, Komsomolsky Avenue, Perm, Russia

Address (mailing): 614000, 8, Komsomolsky Avenue, Perm, Russia

ITN 5906041372 KPP 590201001

PSRN 1025901365170

Acct. No 40702810349090111418

Corr. No.30101810900000000603 in Lenin OSB № 22 Sberbank of Russia (Zapadno – Uralsky Head Office)

BIC 045773603


BANK: Sberbank of Russia (Zapadno – Uralsky Head Office)

Tel.: +7 (342) 2-120-087, 2-120-328, Fax: +7 (342) 2-120-039

Director of "KPP Ranat" LLC.

________________________________ ( Andrey Rabchevsky )

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