Version history

5 (10 January 2013)

TSP driver Ver. supported Windows 8 Professional

5 (7 November 2012)

Rander CTI Client:
Embedded SIP-client.

4.1 (10 June 2011)

Rander CTI Client:
New columns in the log of calls: number and name of DDI, waiting time for a response, the total waiting time on the line.
Export of new columns in the file support.
SpRecord integration improved.
Added search in contacts by ICQ number.
Filter dialog in calllog improved.
Support of "callto:" links like "callto:+73421234567" or "callto://+73421234567".
Fixed a bug with the disappearance of the Rander icon in the tray when Explorer hangs.
Latvian translation updated.
Sprut integration improved: search by phone number and time of call.

Rander Server:
New information in calllog database: the number and the name of DDI, waiting time for a response, the total waiting time on the line.
Support of Alcatel PBX's.
Support of the country code, a new parameter country_code in server.ini.
Support for the extension numbers and CO line names of different lengths.
Ability to enable/disable the log of server by using the parameter "log = on" ("log = off") in the "server.ini" file.
Managing of server log's detail level by setting "log_level" parameter in the "server.ini" file.

Rander Ooutlook Add-in:
Experimental support for Active Directory in Rander Outlook Addin - if the number of incoming calls can not be found in Outlook contacts, then ROA made a search of this number among users phone numbers in Active Directory.

Bug fixes.

4.0 (9 April 2010)

Log and show DISA calls in Calllog.
RanCOM: Setup and manage conference from RanCOM.
RanCOM: RedirectingId and RedirectionId added to RanCOM CallInfo.
Grid lines in contacts and calllog were displayed incorrectly after scrolling
CallerId was displayed incorrectly on CO for outgoing calls.
CallerId was not displayed for DISA calls.
Fixes for high DPI screens.
Firebird 2.1.3 is used as a database server.
"Remove old calls from database" works substantially faster.
Transfer, Hold, Complete Transfer buttons on the popup.
Call time added to popup.
"Close all popups", "Hold", "Transfer" hotkeys.
"Ctrl-Close" closes all popups.
Ctrl-Shift-D hotkey takes phone from clipboard.
"Popup by DDI" option.
"Active Calls" tab added.
RanCOM memory issues are fixed.
Errors in Rander Client, RanCOM and ROA are fixed.
Armenian translation added(thanks to Arthur Avanesyan)

3.8 (14 May 2009)

Groups on buttons console, drag&drop buttons
Create conference, add participants to conference
It is possible now to assign a title to all buttons in the buttons console
Open "Call comments" dialog from popup
Autostart option
Rander Outlook Addin popup close delay configuration
New "Answered only" call filter option is added
New "Make copy" contacts menu item is added
NEC PBXs compatibility is improved
Calllog dates are now displayed in local format
Read and modify system speed dial with RanCOM methods
CallerIDName, CalledIDName, DDINumber, DDIName fields are added to CallInfo2 RanCOM structure
CompleteTransfer method is added to RanCOM
Experimental LG PBX support is added
Issues fixes

3.7.3 (18 November 2008)

RanCOM notifications fixes
Server memory management fixes

3.7.2 (13 October 2008)

"Listen to Sprut records" functionality fixes (not supported in your region)

3.7.1 (8 October 2008)

"Listen to Sprut records" functionality fixes (not supported in your region)

3.7 (29 September 2008)

MP3 ring (go to menu Settings->Misc)
Popups position customization (go to menu Settings->Popups)
Popup close delay (go to menu Settings->Popups)
New fields in call log: Reason, RedirectingID, RedirectionID
Personal/Shared menu items on Contacts tab
Minor bugfixes
Find more changes in 3.7 beta

3.7 beta (11 August 2008)

By default if you click phone number in contacts list Dial Dialog is not going to be displayed, but the dialling will start. If you click phone number in bottom preview pane Dial Dialog is displayed. You can change this with new option "Display dial dialog" in Misc section.
New "Find all calls" menu item in call log.
Doubleclick in contacts opens Edit Contact dialog.
Rander is displayed correctly with large fonts.
Ctrl-Tab selects next tab in main window.
New option "contacts_export_line_end" in dialer.ini [main] section. It specifies the string that line ends will be replaced with when exporting/importing contacts.
Length of the talks added to call log statistics dialog.
Call log filters are stored in settings.xml using UTF8 encoding now. So any local characters are allowed.
Rander Outlook Addin with Outlook 2000 fix.
Up/Down buttons in filters dialog.
Minor bugfixes.
Avaya PBX support is added.
New translations are added: Turkish (thanks to Tahir Belenli), Greek (thanks to Bekas Constantinos).
Redial item is added to context menu of number displayed in status panel.

3.6 (23 April 2008)

Phones in contacts list became clickable
Fixed: RanCOM stopped working after calling GetCallInfo
Fixed: RanCOM stopped working after creating multiple instances
Find more changes in 3.6 beta

3.6 beta (11 April 2008)

Contacts list displays multiple columns that can be sorted now.
You can search contacts by name in Dial dialog now.
Contacts export stores contact id in CSV. So when you import this CSV back old records are being updated (optionally).
Latvian translation is added.
New Remove command in Buttons Console context menu.
You can specify multiple COs and EXTs separated by comma ',' in filter dialog.
Rander Outlook addin popup displays company name.
New RanCOM event CallStateChanged2 with line_id parameter.

3.5 (27 december 2007)

Minor bugfixes

3.5 beta 2 (24 december 2007)

Displaing DDI information in pop-ups
New methods in RanCOM: SetCOS, SetReminder, SetMW, ClearMW, GetMWQueueList

3.5 beta (30 november 2007)

New licensing of new multiline RanCOM
New Monitor Digits functionality in RanCOM

3.3 beta (13 october 2007)

RanCOM: new method GetCallsStr
Turkish translation is added (thanks to Tahir Belenli)
Button console click transfer
new server.ini parameter - days_to_store_calls. Now you can specify days to store calls in the call log. It replaces old store_calls parameter.
"Outlook remains in memory" issue fixed
Experimental terminal client mode support is added: place rander.ini in Client directory. In the [main] section specify settings_in_user_folder=yes and Rander will store all use data in c:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Rander
Fixed: error message was displayed when clicking calls info in buttons console
Callback from unanswered call popup

3.2 beta (12 september 2007)

New RanCOM functionality - now it can open several lines
ROA bugfixes
ROA moved to .Net 2
Indonesian translation is added (Thanks to Eri Hendrata)
Romanian translation is added (Thanks to Andrew Cojocaru)

3.1 (31 may 2007)

Fixed: server crashes after CTI SMDR activation Ukrainian translation is added

3.0 (23 april 2007)

Bulgarian translation is added (Thanks to Bilgin Baldji)
fixed: transferer field on popup was not cleared between calls
fixed: some popup bugs
See more changes in 3.0 beta
files changed on client side: client\tDial.exe, client\lang\

3.0 beta (15 april 2007)

New CTI SMDR feature - collecting SMDR information via CTI connection
User interface is redesigned
Extension status icons changed. And you can even replace them with your own icons now.
Transferor number or ICD group number is displayed on the popup
Displaying DND mode in Forwarding dialog fixed
Persian translation is added
Bug fixes
files changed on client side: client\tDial.exe, client\lang\, doc\

2.4 (30 january 2007)

New fields in contacts: position and department
Contacts export into csv. Only administrators can export server contacts
Multiple RanCOM instances can now be created
If RanCOM host application hangs up, RanCOM remains available for other applications
New Time column in the Console, shows the elapsed time of the active call
When disconnected the current time is displayed on the Status panel
New console lines selection dialog with treeview
Server connections list is now in the separate dialog (menu Tools - Server)
Hotkeys, new hotkeys dialog in settings windows
New option in misc settings dialog: leave unanswered popups on the screen
When any forwarding mode is active on your extension a message appears on Start tab. Clicking over the message opens forwarding dialog, where all active forwarding modes are displayed
Right-clicking over a contact you can select "Find all calls". This command creates a temporary filter that displays all the calls of the selected person
Dutch translation is added (thanks to Martin van Es)
In filter settings in the External phone field you can specify several numbers separated by ';'
Numbers in the calllog are again in the dialable form
You can not add * to number in the calllog filter settings anymore
Files changed on client side: client\tDial.exe, client\lang\, doc\

2.3 (11 december 2006)

Apostrophe symbol may be used in call log comments
When resizing main window splitter moves up
Fixed: linenames with ' ' or ')' symbols are not displayed in the console
Fixed: some forwarding modes didn't work, some worked wrong
Lines selected in the console are stored by name into xml
Files changed on client side: client\tDial.exe, doc\

2.2 (28 july 2006)

CallerID routing for DIL 1:1 extensions
New Buttons console
OutlookAddin: Now you can dial from mail messages context menu

2.1 (30 june 2006)

No changes since 2.1 beta

2.1 beta (29 june 2006)

Makedonian translation is added
RanCOM didn't work with dumb clients (VBS, 1C), fixed
Multiple popups, work only with Ring Identification Type 1
Caller information is available when call from DISA is ringing. DISA lines should be chosen in settings dialog and displayed in the console
Outlook Addin modifyes the number when dialling from the Outlook Contacts
Files changed on client side: client\tDial.exe, doc\, client\lang\, RanCOM\RanCOM.exe, OutlookAddin\RanderOutlookAddin.dll

2.0 (5 may 2006)

Minor fixes and improvements
New "Show popup" option
New server.ini option show_computer_names
Files changed on client side: tDial.exe, doc\, lang\
Network protocol version changed, compatibility with 1.x versions is lost

2.0 beta 1 (28 apr 2006)

CSV delimiter is now used as specified in the regional settings of the PC
Unreadable message appeared when more than one records found on incoming call
New option "Calllog autoupdate". Turn it off if automatic updates cause server processor overload
German and Polish translations are added
Minor bugfixes and improvements
TDA600 support added
RanCOM added
RanderOutlookAddin added
New interface translations
Files changed on client side: tDial.exe, doc\, lang\
Network protocol version changed, compatibility with older versions lost
New client installations have administrator privileges by default

1.1 (4 aug 2005)

Minor bugfixes
Items are dialed with doubleclick in the Console tab
Columns can be reordered in the Calllog tab
Direct pickup is now working for KX-TD1232
Rander is now unicode-based so it can be translated to any language and any characters can be stored in contacts database
Translations are now stored in lng files, so you can easily translate Rander to your own language. If you contribute your lng file to developers it will be included into the distribution
Non-admin users can't see ip-addresses of connected clients now
"Your client software version is too old" bug fixed
Some number modification issues fixed when exporting calllog to csv
If you enter wrong login or password you can't connect to server and databases at all
Zone numbers are now disabled by default
CO label wasn't translated in the Filter dialog
Server CPU usage is reduced
Phone modifications can be configured now(Options->Phone modifications menu)
New option: Popup even without CallerID
Some Alt-key accelerators are added (thanks to Daniel Lavi)
Fixed some Tab order issues (thanks to Daniel Lavi)
Single quotes could not be added to contacts database (thanks to Daniel Lavi)
Import Contacts dialog works more correctly when fails to import (thanks to Daniel Lavi)
Transfer is working again
Posibility to forbid some users from seeing lines states in the console tab (new see_console_states option in users.ini) is added
Files are changed on client side: tDial.exe, doc\, lang\

1.0 (11 april 2005)

My name was written in the Name column in the calllog for internal incoming calls - fixed
Hangup during reconnection is fixed
Fixed: filters combo was 1 item height in Windows2000
Filters can now be edited with double click in filters manager dialog
Fixed: database backup couldn't be restored
"Ringing" call state identification fixed for older PBXs
Reliability improvements
When internal call arrives if there's no such a number in the contacts the name from the PBX is displayed
Server item is automatically selected when entering Rander settings
Manual is now utf8 encoded
Calls and Contacts are not scrolled to the beginning every time it is updated
Flickering reduced when updating calls and contacts
Popup window is displayed for only 15 seconds
If Rander was closed maximized, it is now restarted maximized
Comments are added to some dialogs
Manuals are now in chm format
Mow it is possible to specify your nonlocal calls code when installing server part
And new toolbar buttons :-)
And some minor bugfixes
Files changed on client side: tDial.exe, new doc folder

0.14 (2 march 2005)

Memory leaks in database server are fixed
Server now restores connection to the database if it's lost
Bad indexes are removed from calllog database
Guardian is added (restarts database server in case it crushes)
Files are changed on client side: tDial.exe

0.13 (23 feb 2005)

New calllog: stored on server in firebird database, filled by server side
Comments can be stored on calls
CO line names are displayed in Console tab
"Clients selfdisconnecting from server" problem seems to be fixed
Manageble call filters list
Fixed: after transfer wrong info remained in person column in Console tab
Calllog window disappeared, all it's functionality moved to calls tab
Database performance is increased significantly
Contacts list is now scrolled in live mode
Tray icon left click didn't bring main window to top sometimes - fixed
Calllog can be exported to html and printed
Some updates in the manual
Fixed: bug caused service crushes, prevented service startup
More bugfixes
Popup window is now resizable
Lines are sorted now in the Console listviews
Files changed on client side: intl\, report\, fbclient.dll, firebird.msg, tDial.exe
Network protocol version changed, compatibility with older versions lost

0.12 (30 nov 2004)

100% cpu load problem is fixed in Firebird database server
Now you can see exactly 20 records in your address book in demo mode
Installer bug is fixed, "unable to connect to DB server" problem solved
Some address book import problems are fixed
Minor bugfixes

0.11 (19 oct 2004)

Contacts are stored in firebird database now
You can save calllog into csv file
Minor bugfixes
New usefull server state window
Persons window redesign
Contacts import from csv, dat

0.10 (11 aug 2004)

Debug info logging can be turned on and off
Rander_ctl utility added
Some minor bugfixes


New one-windowed tabbed interface
Quick function buttons on start panel
No more non-translated text at last
It is possible now to dial *, #
"Too much popupping" bug fixed
Start tab redesigned alittle
Some icons are added
New "calls" tab


Rander can now work on different computers at the same time connected to the same extension, i.e. paralleled phones support added
Network protocol version is changed, compatibility with older versions is lost
Registration algorithm is changed, all registered users should contact to get new activation codes
Some connection/disconnection problems fixed I hope
Samsung PBX beta support added
Only administrator can now change MyExt number


Minor bugfixes
"Lost calls" bug fixed
Contacts quick search can search by phone number now
Tray icon context menu is added
Quick search speed up
Some calllog bugs are fixed
Fixed server bug concernig systems with TAPI inittime more than 1 minute
Linenames beginning with russian chars are shown now
Contacts double highlight bug is fixed
Filter dialog now opens in all OSs, not only XP
Contacts dialog is now filled when connection to server is established
Contacts window blinking when restored fixed
Now you can choose columns you'd like to see in console panel, place them in any order you like
When opening filter dialog previous filtering rules are restored
Very few text is left not translated


Bug causing reinit error fixed at last
Bug causing server crashes fixed


Zombie-clients are no more displayed in Server panel
NetBios name is displayed for every connected client in server panel
Crazy window jumping when dragging one over another fixed
Self disconnection from server just after connection fixed
Balloon notification is added
Some additions in the manual
Some Status and Popup panels redesign
Status and Popup panels tooltips
Main window TimeCounter
Some address book bugs are fixed
Answer button on Popup and Status pannels
Popup panel auto-hides in a minute after self-popupping
Some alpha-blending added
"Localplan" number of digits is now dialed when clicking extensions listview item, not just 3 digits
TimeCounter stop when disconnecting from server


Help->help menu added
Help->about menu added
Fixed the bug, that could crush the server
We've got multilanguage interface at last
Almost everithing was translated into English
PBX rom version check added. now some older versons should work better
Dialplan may be edited now, some parts of it at least
Minor fixes


Minor fixes


First beta release